Introducing a graduation category to our website gallery

Imagine if you could just go to your former school’s website, search for it, and reconnect with your peers. The graduation photograph symbolises an important milestone, both for the parents and their child(ren). It serves as a tangible thing that shows a significant moment of accomplishment in the life of every student.

Also, when parents see graduation photos, they can’t help but be proud, however, it also has a social value. We have now added a graduation category to our website’s gallery so that parents and pupils alike can revisit this important milestone whenever they desire.

Motives behind graduation photo category

  1. COVID & lockdown lessons: During the lockdown, the school was not able to engage in traditional graduation ceremonies hence the school sourced innovative approaches to meet the school’s graduation requirement including employing social media and a website.
  2. Social value: Alumni can revisit the significant moment via a PC, tablet, TV or mobile device with a few button clicks anytime they desire.
  3. Early and easy access: The new addition gives our parents and pupils alike first-hand access to the graduation photos before the hard copies are ready for dissemination.
  4. Demand: Our Alumni have told us that the school’s social media handles have supported them to reconnect with their fellow peers. They have also asked the school to continue to invest in digital.

The graduation gallery can be found on the Home page, Alumni page or via the News page on our website.

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